Meet The Team

All Natural & Wholesome, No Preservatives

Jon Shaw

Founder, Farmer

Jon has been using all natural, sustainable, raised bed, no-till methods for many years. Jon operates what might be called a large “market garden” in Monkton, Maryland that sits on some of the best soil in the state. He enjoys experimenting by growing unusual plants including heirloom varieties while trying to extend their season without the use of fossil fuel based heating.

Gay Shaw

The Farmer’s Wife

Karma Farm is one of those happy accidents that happened when I gave up my horses, and Jon’s all natural garden expanded onto acres of rich pasture. I really miss my horses, but working on the farm with our sons and running the CSA with Jon is another wonderful way to spend a warm sunny day.

Little Shaw

TDIC, (Top Dog in Charge)

Little’s responsibilities include running through the garden and being unbearably cute. She helps us dig planting holes but they are usually in the wrong place. She chases rabbits and other rodents-into the garden, and excels at  basking in the sun.

Nathanial Shaw

Hydroponic Production Manager

Nat has been working in his Dad’s garden since he was a child. As a student of Entrepreneurship at the University of Baltimore, he began researching vertical hydroponic vegetable growth and found Freight Farm’s Leafy Green Machine. After working with a team to develop a feasibility study, Nat convinced his father to consider using an LGM to supply Karma Farm’s restaurant customers with leafy greens through the entire year. The result… Karma Farm Leafy Green Machine!

Jackie Minteh

Production Manager

Jackie Minteh was introduced to natural farming methods while studying abroad and working on a women’s co-op farm. As a result she decided to expand her experience in sustainable farming by joining Karma Farm in the summer of 2014. She has been with us ever since! Responsible for yearly planning, employees, seeding, transplanting, irrigation, weeding, harvesting, packaging, and cultivating, you are most likely to see her when you visit the farm.

Jason Green

Nerd, Aspiring Hippy

Jason helps out with the website, marketing and design work, and any other tech stuff that comes up. Whenever he can, he sneaks out a big bag of veggies.


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