The Leafy Green Machine

Producing Lettuce and Other Leafy Greens, 365 Days A Year

The Leafy Green Machine at Karma Farm – How Does It Work?

  • High efficiency LED lighting provides crops with spectrums of red and blue – the light spectrums required for photosynthesis.
  • Closed loop hydroponic systems deliver a nutrient rich water solution directly to roots, using only 10 gallons of water per day.
  • Multi-planed airflow and intercrop aeration systems automatically regulate temperature and humidity through a series of sensors and controls.
  • Controlled closed environment keeps out the winter weather, as well as pests and blights.

Controlled Environment

The Leafy Green Machine by Freight Farms enables “Controlled Environment Agriculture” (CEA). This means we use LED lighting, temperature control and automatic water flow within a recycled insulated shipping container. This technology creates the ideal growing environment that leafy greens need.  A year-round growing season and high planting density allow us to get maximum productivity from a very small footprint.

Vertical Hydroponic LED Farming


Hydroponics is a soil-less growing method that allows the cultivation of plants using recirculated water with optimum nutrient inputs.  This means we are very water and LED lighting means we are very power efficient too! We have no water runoff and use no pesticides or harmful chemicals. To top it off, we leverage vertical growing technology to grow 20 plants per square foot of farm space per month, rain or shine, and during the deep dark snow or ice of winter!

Lettuces & Leafy Greens Year-Round


The Leafy Green Machine enables us to grow dozens of varieties of lettuce, as well as other herbs and leafy greens including arugula, basil, swiss chard, mustard greens, kale, mint, and others.  Such a variety of taste, color and texture, all freshly harvested year round at our local farm in Monkton, Maryland! Even better, these greens are delivered very quickly after harvest with the root ball still in tact for a very long shelf life. Perfect for farm-to-table restaurants and retailers.


Learn More About The Leafy Green Machine

This amazing approach to farming is made possible by a company called Freight Farms.  They are based in Boston and they are pioneering this technology. To learn more, click the button below to go to the website.