Announcements for 2017

  • We'll be offering a different kind of CSA this year. It will more like a farm stand so you can pick and choose what produce, how much, and when you’d like to buy. Also there is no upfront payment. This service will only be available if you pick up at the farm. To be put on the mailing list go to the CSA sign up tab – this will be running all year long. We ask that you place an order 1 day in advance of when you’d like to pick up.
  • We are building a new web site that will up around the middle of February.
  • We are actively seeking additional farm-to-table restaurants and retailers. Please contact us to be hear our story or be added to our list.
  • In about 1 more month we’ll be making a very exciting announcement about all season leafy greens/lettuce production!
  • Please email or call with questions: Jon Shaw 410-925-0962

To Our Customers and Other Interested Folks:
It has recently been brought to our attention by the USDA that, since we don’t go through their certification process, we are violating their regulations by representing our products as organically grown.

We use totally natural and sustainable growing practices including: no use of chemical fertilizers – only farm generated compost and rock powders, no use of pesticides that are not approved by OMRI, and no use of any herbicides and we believe that we should be able to use the word. Since we can’t use the word "organic" without risking a substantial fine we have been forced to edit our web site and change our name.

Welcome to the Karma Farm!

Feel free to email or call if you have any questions.
Natural Sustainable Farmer Jon Shaw

Hear What Some of our CSA Supporters Have to Say:

Thanks so very much for the abundance of produce in our bags each week! I can barely get through it all. Have lost several pounds by eating "Real Food" and I thank you all so very much for the extra steps you take to bring us your very best harvest.

Thanks so much, everything has been delicious and we are having a great time trying new recipes! Id like to come visit the farm one weekend soon.

Jon and Gay,
Thanks for all your updates! We have really been enjoying being a part of the BaltimOrganic CSA.

 Thanks for being such a great CSA. I love that we get a list of what's in the bag each week, I love that you individually wrap the ends of lettuce in a wet paper towel, etc. Just wanted you to know I appreciate being part of BaltimOrganic.

Hi Jon and Gay,
Just wanted to let you know that I loved your beets (in addition to all your veggies) my wife roasted the beets and dressed them in olive oil, salt, and pepper. Best beets ever, super sweet!

Thanks again for all your hard work, we appreciate the results

Support Our Restaurants

We provide fresh local natural and delicious veggies to several great restaurants in the Baltimore area including Woodberry Kitchen, Artifact Coffee, Parts & Labor, Waterfront Kitchet, Aromes, and The Corner Pantry. Please check them out if you don’t feel like cooking!